Hi, welcome on board!

My name is Antonina, I am 21 years old and live in Zurich. I have been working as a flight attendant for more than two years. My job is very versatile: every flight and every passenger is different. This means you never know what to expect – and that's exactly what's exciting about my job. In these two years I have experienced so many beautiful things and discovered the most interesting places. I have got to know different countries and cultures and made many great friends.

With a bright smile I welcome hundreds of guests on board every day. Passengers from all corners of the world fly with us, so there can be a language barrier. To break this barrier, I use what everyone understands, no matter where they come from or what language they speak: a smile!

A smile that comes from the heart is understood everywhere. It stands for joy, good mood and creates trust. This makes our passengers feel welcome and in good hands on board from the very first moment. Flying is still something special for most people. They fly on holiday, visit friends and family and discover the most beautiful places in the world. Not everyone is looking forward to the flight: there are also passengers who board the plane stressed or with a fear of flying. In such cases, a smile often helps more than words to make them forget their fear of flying or their stressful everyday life. This way people can relax. For me, these are the best moments in my job: When I can make people happy with my smile and they forget their worries and fears for a moment.

Flying connects people all over the world – and a smile connects us humans. Healthy, white teeth are essential for me, especially in my job as a flight attendant. To care for my teeth and therefore my smile, I have been using Alpine White products for several years.

I love to come home after a long day at work and spoil myself with a little spa evening. In addition to a face mask, Alpine White products are a must. My absolute favourite are the Whitening Strips. After just a few applications, my smile is already radiant white and well cared for. Furthermore, all products are vegan and animal-free, which is very important for me. Thanks to Alpine White I feel self-confident and love to show my smile. I am convinced: If you smile every day, you live healthier and are happier. That is why smiling is one of the most beautiful things in the world for me.

Antonina Milanovic

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