Radiant white teeth with the ALPINE WHITE Whitening Kit

Most people dream of a beautiful smile. White teeth are an important part of this. With the Whitening Kit from ALPINE WHITE you can whiten your teeth very easily and gently at home. Teeth become visibly whiter after just three days, with a daily application of only 15 minutes. The whitening LED and the specially developed whitening gel make the teeth gradually lighter. The gel also strengthens the enamel and is extra gentle on your teeth.

We also considered the environment when developing our ALPINE WHITE Whitening Kit. It does not contain any microplastics and we did not use controversial ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide during development. In addition, all of our products are vegan and have been developed without animal testing. The Leaping Bunny Organisation seal with which we are certified shows that no animals have to suffer for ALPINE WHITE products.

Because sustainable business is important to us, we give something back to others. For every product sold, we donate a certain amount to the non-profit organization “Wasser für Wasser”. We also work with the Solvita Foundation, which supports people with disabilities. ALPINE WHITE is also climate neutral.

Effective teeth whitening with the effective ingredients of the ALPINE WHITE Whitening Kit

Applying our whitening gel is not only very easy, but also pleasant. The high-quality mouthpiece leaves the lips in a natural position, meaning that they are less irritated during the whitening. Thanks to its shape, the mouthpiece also enables good cleaning and optimal hygiene.

The visible whitening effect after just a few days is due to the effective ingredients of the Whitening Kit from ALPINE WHITE. Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, PAP for short, ensures gentle whitening of the teeth. PAP is a gentler alternative to the sometimes aggressive bleaching agents that are used in many bleaching products. PAP has been shown to be effective in whitening teeth without affecting their internal or external structure. This enables you to have whiter teeth without endangering your dental health.

Hydroxyapatite is also used in the whitening gel. The mineral found naturally in teeth strengthens and repairs teeth. This means that they are better protected against harmful influences. Our whitening formula contains a synthetic form of hydroxyapatite. It supplies the teeth with minerals that were previously attacked. As a result, the protective layer of the tooth enamel is strengthened and the inner tooth areas are also safer against external influences.

Potassium nitrate is also used in our ALPINE WHITE formula. Your teeth benefit from its sedative and protective effect. Potassium nitrate makes the nerves in the teeth less sensitive. This reduces the sensitivity of the teeth to pain. It also protects the teeth from external stimuli.

Step by step to whiter teeth with ALPINE WHITE

Gleaming white teeth are no coincidence - and they are not only reserved for a few happy people. Rather, it depends on how you care for your teeth and which products you use to specifically whiten them. In just three steps you can ensure permanently well-kept, visibly whiter teeth. You will notice the difference after just three days.

The first step is to thoroughly clean your teeth. With the ALPINE WHITE Charcoal Powder, you can remove even stubborn discolouration in a gentle and natural way. This also reduces plaque and tartar. Our Charcoal Powder consists of 100 percent natural activated carbon and cleans your teeth highly effectively.

In the second step, you use a whitening product of your choice. In addition to our Whitening Kit, Whitening Strips and Whitening Strips Sensitive are also available. Bleaching is particularly quick with the kit, and it is also suitable for whitening narrow or crooked teeth. Before using, you should clean your teeth and dry the surfaces of the teeth. Then insert the LED mouthpiece and bite on it. As soon as you start the application, the mouthpiece starts to glow. It will turn off automatically after 15 minutes. Then you should rinse your mouth and clean your teeth again. All whitening products from ALPINE WHITE enable you to whiten your teeth effectively and safely at home. They will have a new shine in just seven days.

You can increase the whitening effect by regularly using the ALPINE WHITE Whitening Foam. It helps to keep the new radiant white of your teeth. You can use the whitening foam like a toothpaste. You can use it as a brightening mouthwash on the go or in between.


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