The right Alpine White product for a gleaming white smile

A smile with bright white teeth is a wonderful eye-catcher. At Alpine White, we offer a wide range of products to help you remove stains from your teeth and give your teeth a natural white look. In this article we're going to show you what our products do and why you should use them.

Charcoal Powder

- brush teeth thoroughly with activated carbon

Activated carbon is not only one of the most important aids in dental care for thoroughly cleaning surfaces. In contrast to simple toothpaste, activated carbon forms a large, voluminous foam that easily reaches and cleans even the most inaccessible areas of the mouth.

Basically, you can use our Charcoal Powder for daily tooth cleaning to remove plaque all over your teeth. Especially if you regularly drink coffee or tea, you will not be able to prevent a creeping natural discoloration. By cleaning your teeth daily with our activated carbon, you make a valuable contribution to delaying or completely preventing the adhesion of such plaque. We particularly recommend our activated carbon powder if you are planning or regularly bleaching. By thoroughly removing the plaque, our bleaching products lay better on the teeth and the effect can be increased.

Whitening Strips

- for a lasting whitening of your teeth

If your teeth are already a little discolored and you want a targeted whitening for greater attractiveness? Our Whitening Strips are the ideal product. The strips are available in two variants and are applied to your teeth over a longer period of time. During this time, chemical processes take place that slowly remove stubborn plaque from your teeth and give them back their natural white color character.

Our whitening strips are available in two variants. With the product "Classic" you choose the standard solution to whiten your teeth. As the "Sensitive" version, the strips respond to sensitive and soft teeth in order to gently remove the plaque from its surface. The description of the individual products on our website will give you more detailed information so that you can choose the right option for a lasting whitening of your teeth.

Whitening Foam

- the ideal companion for daily tooth cleaning

This Alpine White product is a foam that helps whiten your teeth. It is a hybrid product of toothpaste and mouthwash and is suitable for the daily cleaning of your teeth. As the product foams in the mouth, it can reach remote areas that are difficult to clean with a simple toothbrush.

While the activated carbon focuses on thoroughly cleaning of your teeth, the whitening foam focuses on whitening your teeth instantly. Of course you can easily combine the two products and additionally increase the whitening effect by using the Whitening Strips. For the first time, you will achieve a first positive effect with the Whitening Foam or the activated carbon powder, which you can increase afterwards.

New product ideas for radiantly beautiful teeth

In addition to our current product range, Alpine White is constantly striving to develop new products for beautiful teeth. In the interest of our customers and with regular feedback, we are working on real innovations that will make your dental care easier and contribute to a lasting whitening of your teeth. We are therefore happy to receive any feedback from you. With that feedback we can continue working on our existing products, improve them or surprise you with new articles.

As with all previous products, we follow a sustainable and biological concept. All our articles are vegan and have never been tested on animals.  The result are products for your oral and dental care that are gentle on the natural tooth material and still meet all requirements for cleaning and whitening.


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