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Whitening Bundle Sensitive


White, well-cared-for teeth – that make you feel good. Three coordinated products for regular cleaning, care and whitening of your teeth. The Bundle with the extra-mild Whitening Strips.

The Bundle contains: 1x Charcoal Powder 1x Whitening Strips Sensitive 1x Whitening Foam


Three steps to white, well-cared-for teeth. You’ll be able to see the first results after only three days.

Step 1: Cleaning
With the ALPINE WHITE Charcoal powder, you remove naturally stubborn stains, plaque and tartar. This Powder contains 100% natural activated charcoal and is highly effective.

Step 2: Bleaching
The ALPINE WHITE Whitening Strips Sensitive enable you to whiten your teeth at home effectively and safely- in only 7 days your teeth will get a new sheen.

Step 3: Daily care
Regular application of ALPINE WHITE Whitening Foam will enable you to preserve the new, radiant whiteness of your teeth.  You can use the foam as a toothpaste or as a mouthwash when travelling.

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